The Way I Am

posted on 21 Nov 2007 23:50 by nanki

The Way I am 


      As time goes by, many things in my life

have changed,  but there are other things

that still remain the same.




Unlike most of teenagers my age

who would love hanging around

with friends,  I still enjoying spending

my quality time with my family :

gardening, watching movies, cooking,

shopping, and all that jazz.

Friends don’t affect my life much

as the same as I was younger.




Since I was a little girl, I have liked reading,

drawing and collecting bookmark;

for now, although, I don’t have much leisure time

I still find some time doing those things I love.






And the last similarity ,which is the major one,

is my ambition.  I always dreamt of traveling

around the world when I was a child,

and now I’m making this dream come true.




All I have to do is to stick to the plan

and keep moving forward.  







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